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BOA 408i S1 Bore Welder System

Includes standard:
MMPPass-thru torch drive (allowing placement between bores) w/ precision support interface, locking clutch for single plane end welds & face welding. Auxiliary chassis cooling inlet 1/4” NPT, track base nut, standard diffusers, wrench set w/tool pouch, aluminium carry case, machinist rule, multi position support, 3 meter conduit with auxiliary support shaft, stub tips .030”, operators use and set-up manual, stainless 32mm/1.25” diameter stainless steel support rod, mini diffuser, mini nozzle, standard reversible 24” telescope torch extension tube with arc-stop/skip pendant, standard tips .030”, standard nozzle, stub nozzle, standard torch w/anodized coating, standard anodized weld gun extension, miro gun kit with extra consumables, welded sample w/system test, 1 year warranty.

Standard as-equipped bore weld range of this system is 1.2” to 11.0” dia 30-356mm)
Stroke 178mm (option12’’)                    

As your needs expand, you can upgrade to large ID welding, OD welding & face welding


Wind Tower Automation

Arc Quip, the manufacturer of the Star Weld range of welding equipment was established in April 2010. The company markets and sells welding equipment, into a variety of sectors of industry.

At the beginning of June 2012 Arc Quip launched the manufacturing, and marketing, of the Star Weld range of welding inverters. The Star Weld range is a comprehensive range of welding equipment, that covers all the main forms of welding, from MMA, MIG and TIG, to Submerged Arc.

The technology being used in the design of this equipment, makes use of the latest developments in the electronic industry. This marks the first time, that this technology has been used by a South African welding inverter manufacturer. Read More